Standard Safe Working Load (SWL) table

The load ratings for all of the DobyGrip wire suspension system range are based on the suspension being vertical. Sideways loads are applied to the Grip the further away the wire rope is moved away from vertical which reduces the holding capacity of the single DobyGrip. The effect this has on the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the DobyGrip is shown in the table and diagram below. Permissible Safe Working Load (SWL) capacities are detailed on the casing of each DobyGrip.

Caution: Note, that wires from and to the DobyGrip locker shall not exceed an inclusive angle of 60o under any circumstance (unless you are using the specifically designed DG2 Max - please see bottom picture). If you require more information, then please contact your local sales office for further guidance.

The DobyGrip 2 Max (DG2M) is designed to exceed the 60inclusive angle. Drastically reducing the space required above the duct on installations, allowing the duct to be installed closer to the suspension point and reduces the length of wire required whilst still retaining its 100% load capacity. Please note that the DG2M must be used for HVAC applications.