Success at the Big 5 - Dubai

20 December 2016  |  Admin


Record Breaking Show Numbers

Doby Verrolec continued it's HVAC & DobyGrip successes of previous years exhibiting at the Big 5 Show in Dubai last month. There were record breaking numbers of 73,500 visitors going through the exhibition hall doors bringing potential business to the 2586 exhibiting suppliers.

The Big 5 in Dubai continues to be the number one choice for construction professionals from across the globe, and with a market in growth there is more opportunity available to suppliers than ever before.

Doby Aeroseal was an expected success for both companies, showcasing the revolutionary duct sealing solution. A purpose designed fan box is used to blow air into the ductwork system to be sealed. Within the fan box is an atomising station which heats up a specific formula sealant and converts it into a fine mist which passes down the duct system. Where the sealant laden air passes through a hole in the duct the sealant condenses and attaches to the hole and continues to do so until the hole is completely sealed.

The DobyGrip continues to grow in both popularity and innovation with our expanding range of accessories and additional models allowing contractors to create easier installations for MEP services by using the wire rope suspension system and the DobyGrip. It allows up to 70% direct and indirect combined time as well as material saving to contractors than using the more conventional methods of suspension such as threaded rod etc.