Introducing DobyAeroseal

16 November 2016  |  Admin


The best solution for ductwork sealing

Doby Verrolec are pleased to announce the launch of the DobyAeroseal at the Big 5 show in Dubai later this month. Developed in the USA in the late 90’s at the University of Berkeley in California on behalf of the US government. The patented system seals ductwork systems from the inside out with minimum onsite disruption.

Now used extensively across the world for both commercial and residential applications in both existing and newly installed ductwork systems. Air leakage in ductwork systems is a major influence on building energy consumption and occupancy comfort. Poorly manufactured or installed ductwork systems contribute significantly to the problem.

Split responsibility of ductwork manufacture and installation is common in the Middle East and make it difficult to assign responsibility for poorly manufactured installations. Accessibility to rectify any leakage issues particularly once the building is occupied is a major issue. The solution to this is DobyAeroseal. 

The technology developed over many years means the system is relatively simple to use with the minimum disruption to the building and its occupiers. 

All inlets and outlets must be sealed prior to the sealing commencing to prevent the sealant laden air from escaping. Connections to items of equipment such as AC Units, Fans, heat exchangers or sensors should be capped off or taped over to prevent contact with the sealant laden air. Other items in the duct such as Dampers must remain open during the sealing process. Once sealed as required the Fan Box is connected to the Duct System via a plastic hose and the fully computerised sealing process can begin.

A purpose designed fan box is used to blow air into the ductwork system to be sealed. Within the fan box is an atomising station which heats up a specific formula sealant and converts it into a fine mist which passes down the duct system. Where the sealant laden air passes through a hole in the duct the sealant condenses and attaches to the hole and continues to do so until the hole is completely sealed. 

The unique properties of the sealant mean that it only attaches to the areas of the hole being filled and as the capacity to fill holes of up to 15mm diameter. Once sealed the duct system is then safe to operate at up to 2000 Pa without any degradation to the sealed system.