Why the DobyGrip 2 Max is different?

12 October 2018  |  Admin


Able to suspend up to 120 degrees whilst retaining 100% load capacity

The DobyGrip 2 Max wire suspension unit has been designed to exceed the 60 degree inclusive angle which is maximum angle for conventional wire rope suspension units. By doing this it drastically reduces the space required above the duct on installations by up to 50%. It allows the duct to be installed closer to the suspension point and reduces the length of wire rope required. This in turn saves both the outlay in materials and also saves time on installation.

Safety is another area where wire rope suspension systems have come into their own, not least because their use will shorten the time that a contractor will spend working at height which in turn reduces the likelihood of potential accidents.

Therefore we have designed the DobyGrip 2 Max to work differently it enables it to be installed comfortably within these restrictive spaces, quickly. With the inclusive suspended angles in excess of a standard 60 degrees, it will work up to an astonishing 120 degrees whilst still retaining 100% load capacity!

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