The NEW DobyGrip 2 Max

11 May 2018  |  Admin


Wire Rope Suspension Innovation

A restricted ceiling space is becoming increasingly common in the construction of most modern buildings. Therefore, new innovations are born from these challenging conditions. One such Doby Verrolec innovation is the new DobyGrip 2 Max part of the DobyGrip Wire Rope Suspension System.

The DobyGrip 2 Max can maximise the amount of restricted usable space, efficiently and most importantly safely, whilst cutting material outlay costs dramatically.

Traditionally, threaded rod was one of the preferred methods to use for the suspension of static loads and generally accepted as being a good, solid solution. However, the preparation and installation time can prove to be costly when a budget is tight.

Perhaps this may be the reason that in the past few years there has been a trend towards wire rope suspension systems as a credible alternative. Using a wire based system such as the DobyGrip can cut this part of the installation by as much as 60% according to independent tests. Due largely to the removal of the need for cutting and dressing the steel rods to size, as hot work is generally carried out on site and permits obtained to have to do this. This can amount to substantial time (and cost) savings for the contractor.

Safety is another area where wire rope suspension systems have come into their own, not least because their use will shorten the time that a contractor will spend working at height which in turn reduces the likelihood of potential accidents.

The DobyGrip 2 Max therefore has been designed to work and be installed comfortably within these restrictive spaces, quickly. With inclusive suspended angles in excess of a standard 60 degrees, it will work up to an astonishing 120 degrees!

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