DV45 - Did You Know!

29 April 2019  |  Admin


Some interesting facts about the UK's strongest Ductwork Flange

  • At 45mm in nominal height, the Doby 45 Flange is the UK’s strongest ductwork flange.
  • Suitable for applications with duct gauges up to an impressive 2mm.
  • The DV45 provides for a rapid assembly of cross joints.
  • Integral pocket with permanently flexible non-toxic sealant.
  • Fully conforms to UK, BESA Specification DW/144 (2013).
  • Awarded Quality Assurance Certification BS EN ISO 9001.
  • Full range of accessories to suit flange profile.
  • Tested & certified by BSRIA in accordance with the BESA (formally HVCA) test procedures DW/TM1.
  • Joint rating is J5 for all pressure classes and J6 for low pressure.
  • When using a centrally fitting tie bar the Doby 45 profile increases to J6 for medium and high pressure.

For more information, or to receive a free sample call the Sales Office on +44 1207 238844 or via email at: enq@dobyverrolec.com.