How the DobyGrip works

The DobyGrip locker has a durable, strong, ergonomic zinc cast body with patented gripping wheel design, and inbuilt release mechanism. These are just some of the features that combine to produce fast, efficient installations when used in conjunction with our galvanized steel wire rope. Available in kit form, with pre-cut, individually banded wires and an expanding range of end fixings and individual DobyGrip lockers with 150m reels of wire across, 1mm, 2mm & 3mm diameters. 


The body of the DobyGrip locker is cast in Zamac 5 Zinc for durability and strength under pressure. Internal guide springs are manufactured from a quality 304 Stainless Steel giving just enough pressure to push the gripping wheels away when needed, whilst the wire is held securely in place by the wheels and friction gearing. The gripping wheels themselves are produced in high-quality Sintered Steel, again for strength. With very few components and the ability to accurately adjust without the need for extra tools, the DobyGrip hanging system has a proven track record of safety and product confidence to be proud of. Our "Belt & Braces" design approach has resulted in a first-class, quality product of reliability and functionality.