The NEW DobyGrip Size 2 Max

Improved load rating at larger inclusive angles

The DobyGrip wire rope suspension system has another model added to the range, the DobyGrip 2 Max. The Max is designed specifically for working at inclusive angles greater than 60 degrees. By being able to exceed the 60 degree inclusive angle by going up to a maximum of 120 degrees, it drastically reduces the space required above the duct by up to 50%. It allows the duct to be installed closer to the suspension point and reduces the length of wire rope required.


Significant labour savings of up to 80% can be achieved using the DobyGrip Max instead of the more traditional Threaded Rod. The comparative loading table below shows how the DobyGrip Max compares with conventional wire suspension systems. The Max is able to retain 100% of it's load capacity from 0 - 120 degrees.

DobyGrip size 2 Max unit has a width of 26mm, length of 35mm, height of 9mm and a weight of 37 grms. Unit comes packed in packets of 20 with an order code of DG2M. Download brochure.

All ratings were determined by independent testing at Northumbria University and witnessed by Lloyds Register.