The DobyGrip Size 4-5

Doby Verrolec’s DobyGrip Wire Suspension System units are available in 7 sizes for wires between 1-6mm (3/64”-1/4”) with safe working loads up to 500Kg (1100lbs). All of our DobyGrips are independently tested & witnessed as an assurance and piece of mind where safety is concerned.

The 4-5 size is unique within the range as it has the inbuilt ability to handle 2 gauges of wire instead of the standard single gauge. It is capable of coping perfectly with both 4mm (5/32”) and 5mm (3/16”) wire sizes. With both the DG4-5 units and the larger DG6, the DobyGrip design has been modified. This modification in layout enables a greater strength when handling the larger gauge wires. The principle remains the same and of course the functionality does too. Both solutions still enable the installer the freedom of adjustment which has become one of the reasons the DobyGrip Wire Suspension system has gained so much popularity.

With its strong zinc cast body (Zamac), corrosion is minimised and both solid & stainless internal components ensure its strength and durability. DobyGrip sizes 1-3 have a 5:1 safety factor and sizes 4-6 have a 3:1 safety factor. The DobyGrip range are the perfect alternatives to traditional threaded rod allowing for quicker and more cost effective installations.


 Wire Diameters



 DobyGrip DG4-5

 4.00mm (7x19)

5.00mm (7x19)






 Angle from Vertical





 60o max.

 % of Loading






 kg. (lb)

225 (495)

325 (715)

Refer to sales office for current data

 Refer to sales office for current data

 Refer to sales office for current data

 Refer to sales office for current data


DobyGrip size 4-5 locker units have a width of 41mm, length of 42mm, height of 13mm with a weight of 93 grams. The locker units come packed in packets of 5 with an order code of DG4 or DG5. All ratings were determined by independent testing and witnessing.