The DobyGrip Size 3

The DobyGrip wire suspension system is currently available in 7 sizes, with suspended loads up to 500Kg (1100lbs) from a single wire suspension unit, greater loads will require multiple DobyGrip locker units. Each DobyGrip wire suspension locker unit has been tested to minimum safety factor of 5:1 in a vertical plane. For Angles below 90 degrees from the vertical refer to the table for the appropriate supportable load below.


 Wire Diameter



 DobyGrip DG3

 3.00mm (7x7)




 Angle from Vertical





 60o max.

 % of Loading






 kg. (lb)

100 (220)

90 (198)

 80 (176)

 70 (154)

 50 (110)


DobyGrip size 3 locker unit has a width of 35mm, length of 35mm, height of 12mm and a weight of 75 grms. The locker unit comes packed in packets of 10 with an order code of DG3. 

All ratings were determined by independent testing at Northumbria University and witnessed by Lloyds Register.