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Quite simply, a locker is the modern way to suspend static loads – Quickly. It is widely accepted that labour costs are a significant outlay on most M&E projects, so any product that substantially reduces installation times merits serious consideration. The DobyGrip wire suspension system is used to suspend static loads. In short, it’s the perfect hanging alternative to traditional methods such as threaded rod. Independent reports suggest installation times are greatly reduced, by as much as 60%. The locker is available in 7 sizes, 1mm, 2mm, 2 Max, 3mm, 4-5mm & 6mm, with safe working loads from 10Kg up to 500kg (22lb - 1100lb). All of our DobyGrip wire systems are independently tested & witnessed with safety factors from 5:1 (DobyGrips 1-3) and 3:1 (DobyGrips 4-6).

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